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At My.couponasion.com, we take your privacy seriously. Our privacy policy provides information about the personal data we use and their purpose.

How does he use the My.couponasion.com website, what pages are displayed and what ads have visited

All information provided during registration

All transactions made by third parties after using My.couponasion.com

How we use your personal information

Manage the site

Providing personalized information for you.

Allows you to log in to the site and manage your account

Send offers that you can customize to your preferences and purchase history.

I am sending you other marketing information.

Ensuring data security

My.couponasion.com will take all reasonable precautions to avoid losing, misusing or altering your personal information.

All personal data provided will be stored on secure servers.

SSL will be used as a protocol to encrypt personal information over the Internet.

Cross-border data transfer

All information collected by My.couponasion.com may be stored and transmitted between any countries in which we operate, including the processing of information in accordance with this privacy policy.

All personal data that will be sent for publication on the website will be available on the Internet and will be available to visitors from other parts of the world.

By using My.couponasion.com, you accept such cross-border transfer of personal information.